2015 Lexus LX 570 Review

2015 Lexus LX 570 Review

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Lexus LX 570

What’s with a legendary name that makes it too expensive to own? It could be prestige, reliability, or simply the emblem that is known to those who are into luxury. With a huge amount on the 2015 Lexus LX 570, why is it that people still buy it? Is the price tag of $83,180 affordable or is the company asking too much?

The LX 570 has impressed many test drivers with its high-end cabin and superb off-road capabilities. While there are some downsides to this vehicle that have not gone amiss meticulous consumers, how come it has sent infectious positive signals to a vast majority of users? Let’s take on what’s inside the vehicle.


The cabin is made of high quality materials that include leather and wood trims fit for those who want luxury rides. Though it has a classy design, some users compared it with other competing vehicles and claimed it fell short of their expectations; there are others out there that have a more modern approach in styling.

With 8 leather-trimmed heated and power-adjustable seats, seating is quite comfortable and roomy most especially on the first two rows but the third row is more suited for children than for adults which is natural for SUV seating configuration. Several reviewers noted that there is good visibility on the front row seats.

The Lexus LX 570 is capable of handling 83.1 cu ft cargo space but with the third-row seats folded onto the sides, cargo space is a bit compromised. It is equipped with touch-screen navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, a USB port, rearview camera, quad-zone climate adjustment, and features Siri Eyes Free Mode allowing iPhone users to control other features using voice commands.

Optional features:

  • 19-speaker Mark Levinson audio system
  • Rear-seat entertainment system
  • Pre-collision brake assist system
  • Wide-view front and side monitor
  • Adaptive cruise control

Compared to its rival vehicles, the Lexus LX 570’s touch-screen system is simple and convenient to use. Its Mark Levinson stereo is of excellent sound quality which may add to a more pleasant driving experience.


The combination of a V8 engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission results to an amazing 2015 Lexus LX 570. Critics reported that the LX 570 has tons of power and has the ability to accelerate rapidly although some models may be seem more powerful and faster. It has 383 hp@5600 and torque displacement of 403@3600 5.7L/346.

Regarding fuel economy, with only 12/17 mpg city/highway it lags behind other vehicles like the base range 2016 Range Rover which can get to a maximum of 17/23 mpg or the 2016 Acura MDX running on 19/27 mpg city/highway.

Some drivers got disappointed with its light steering and cumbersome quality through turns but others say the SUV is more stable around corners and is fairly easy to maneuver.  What makes the LX ride more comfortable is its standard adjustable suspension system though it compromises maneuver agility most particularly when into comfort or normal drive modes. It has a full time 4-wheel drive and off roading features which takes on rugged terrains easily.


If you are in need of luxury inside an SUV vehicle, the 2015 Lexus LX 570 is a name you cannot count out. Interiors are done with fine trimmings that make it all the while attractive to users. However, this vehicle is not for everyone to own as it comes with a price tag that can literally cut up throats. But if you up to own a vehicle with a legendary name, then, you might want to save up a little more to get on with the purchase. Don’t worry about the third row seating issues if you have a small family; this problem is shared by many who own SUVs with third row seats.

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